»Children should spend more time playing than many of them do these days. When you play enough while you are young, you will be able to draw from those treasures inside for a lifetime.«

Astrid Lindgren 1997

Core Opening Hours

Mon – Fri from 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Flexible additional care times by arrangement

Core Opening Hours

Mon – Fri from 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Flexible additional care times by arrangement

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pikkolino – internationale Kindertagesstätte

Promoting Development

Between the ages of one and six, children have a number of developmental tasks to complete:

They build their trust in the world. They start discovering their own will and, in interaction with others, develop their conscience – a feeling for what is right and wrong.

They start experiencing themselves as beings who can act and be creative. They test the reliability of their caregivers, follow their urges to explore and learn, and want to evolve and grow and become more and more independent.

Finding a Space in the Group

Parents are of course central for many of these developments. For some tasks, however, children need more than their parents: they also need other children to look up to and learn from. A manageable group of like-minded children with whom they belong, with whom they can match themselves. Children challenge each other in different ways than we do as adults. This is important and the way it should be.

With another child, your child has a negotiator for its cause who is just as tough as it is itself. Among children, your child is not „the“ child, but one among others, and it will need to find and define its place within the group, creatively and freely negotiating the rules.

pikkolino – internationale Kindertagesstätte
pikkolino – internationale Kindertagesstätte

Attentive Support

Children acquire these basic social interaction skills under the careful guidance of pedagogically trained staff.

Because they do also need caring, committed adults who can direct their developmental impulses whenever necessary and at the right moments.

They need someone who explains and shows things, who experiments and demonstrates. Someone who helps to put on a jacket or hold the pen. Or someone who will simply sing a song.

A Home away from Home

This is how we see our task at pikkolino: We want to offer your child a loving environment for its development and encourage its self-education impulses.

At pikkolino, it is important to us that children…

  • have plenty of opportunity to play freely
  • can rely on us
  • enjoy movement in the exercise area and outdoors in nature
  • learn how they can manage to solve conflicts amongst themselves and without violence
  • make friends
  • experience music
  • get involved in artistic projects; painting, handicrafts, building and constructing
  • find out about different professions and environments through projects (fire department- and zoo visits, scientific experiments, international projects)
  • come into contact with foreign languages
pikkolino – internationale Kindertagesstätte
pikkolino – internationale Kindertagesstätte
pikkolino – internationale Kindertagesstätte

Our Care

Prior to admission, we conduct a detailed conversation with the parents – about the child’s home environment, skills, eating habits and other special characteristics or needs. Together, we decide on the time span of the care and discuss how to set up the settling-in period, always following the individual needs of the child.

Transparency in our day-to-day care – towards the parents and caregivers of the child – means a lot to us. We are regularly in touch with mothers and fathers about their child and its development.

Our Day

Our daily routine is clearly structured and follows fixed rituals that give the children security and orientation.

Rhythmical-musical elements, songs, rhymes and stories promote the linguistic-acoustic abilities of the „pikkolinos“.

We make sure that there is lots of moving around in the garden: here, the children experience nature, learn handicrafts or can simply let off steam. Resting areas/times for naps or other quiet phases, in which the little ones can withdraw, balance the numerous activities.

pikkolino – internationale Kindertagesstätte

During a personal conversation at pikkolino, you will receive a detailed version of our daily routine:
buero@pikkolino.de 0228 707 64 70

pikkolino – internationale Kindertagesstätte
pikkolino – internationale Kindertagesstätte

Picture Credits
Hand / Slug: © Tanya – stock.adobe.com
Group, running: © Andrey – stock.adobe.com
Girl / Mother: © H_Ko – stock.adobe.com
Girl / Colorful tower: © Irina Schmidt – stock.adobe.com
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Children with mother painting: © spass – stock.adobe.com
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I love my work at Königstraße, because the house has a cozy and intimate atmosphere. It has a beautiful garden and great sites to visit nearby, which even the younger children can reach easily. Our team gets along very well and we are open with each other.

Claudia Sch.

pikkolino – internationale Kindertagesstätte

Our son has been with pikkolino since he was 10 months old, the quality of the daycare center was very important to us. We felt very comfortable at pikkolino right from the start, because our son was treated very individually and everything was always communicated very openly with us. We continue to feel that we can always rely on the educators and definitely recommend this daycare center.

Family D.

pikkolino – internationale Kindertagesstätte


pikkolino – internationale Kindertagesstätte