»A good working atmosphere, stable and trusting relationships, continuity and reliability – towards children and parents – that is what we call a good daycare center.«

Nina Woizischke, CEO

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pikkolino – internationale Kindertagesstätte

We are Family

pikkolino was founded in 2005 as a private daycare center for children in Bonn.

In 2010, the company changed its status to a non-profit limited liability company, and since 2011 pikkolino gGmbH is a recognized independent carrier for the city of Bonn.

Our aim is to create friendly and personal houses. We want to create an atmosphere for our children that offers them a home away from home.

The Team

Following the state legislation’s requirements, employees with a variety of professional pedagogical qualifications make up the pikkolino team.

What distinguishes our team

  • Our employees receive training according to the „Marte Meo“ method.
  • The skill set of our employees enables us to implement a form of pedagogy that is in accordance with the basic principles formulated in our carrier concept.
  • Their task is to accompany children in their development. They support and guide them when necessary but interfere as little as possible. They must be authentic, show empathy and engage in relationships with the children to the extent that the children allow. They should be perceptive of the children’s needs and concerns and react appropriately to each situation.
  • Together with the parents, our pedagogical staff embark on a learning process – aiming to create the best possible development opportunities for the child and making use of them.
  • To do this, they must be very flexible and capable to reflect and show a high degree of commitment towards each individual child.
  • Our pedagogical staff have many different and varied roles to play in our facilities, and they are asked to fill them with confidence.
pikkolino – internationale Kindertagesstätte
pikkolino – internationale Kindertagesstätte
pikkolino – internationale Kindertagesstätte

Do you have any questions? Please feel free to get in touch with us.
Our educational manager Mrs. Zahn is looking forward to hearing from you.
buero@pikkolino.de 0228 707 64 70

Picture Credits
Image left in collage (child): © H_Ko – stock.adobe.com
Picture of Mrs. Zahn: © Bernadett Yehdou, fotoyeh-kids.de
Other Images: © Erik Spilles, www.spilles-photography.de
Illustrations: © pikkolino gGmbH

Why I like working at pikkolino? I feel very comfortable there; it’s just a very good atmosphere. The colleagues are great – how you work together is really important and at pikkolino, you can rely on your co-workers. The facilities are wonderful and furnished with love and care. It’s also important that the staff ratio is right, which it is at pikkolino.

Silke W.

pikkolino – internationale Kindertagesstätte

I really love working at pikkolino, I enjoy it, and I feel very comfortable in this „family“. The work is like my home and my colleagues are my friends. I look forward to going to work every day!

Simone L.

pikkolino – internationale Kindertagesstätte

I like working at pikkolino, because you can meet people here who work with as much love and passion as I do. At pikkolino I have the opportunity to live my role as an educator to the fullest. What is special here is that you never feel alone/are never left alone. We work together, hand in hand and always together. There is always someone who will listen to your concerns and we look for solutions together. I also enjoy working at pikkolino, because I always learn something new, and I am supported in my development. I love being able to contribute my own ideas and to feel appreciated.

Sarah W.

pikkolino – internationale Kindertagesstätte

Since I’ve started working for pikkolino, my working hours have been very fulfilling, and it does not feel as if my free time is a „compensation“! Here, I can go back to doing educationally valuable work. I have enough preparation time, time for work in small groups, time for each individual child or for the parents. So my work as an educator has more meaning again. Also, you receive a lot of recognition from the team, the boss and the management! Even though I now have a longer commute, I am very happy to work at pikkolino, where there are opportunities for advancement and where can continue my education at any time. I am also grateful for the great premises and the friendly atmosphere!

Sara F.

pikkolino – internationale Kindertagesstätte


pikkolino – internationale Kindertagesstätte