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Advantages of booked reserved places

It is standard for a family-friendly company to keep a certain number of places in a day care centre for their personnel's children. By having this kind of measure, loyalty and confidence grow and personnel become more engaged and motivated and the number of leave days decrease.

Pikkolino already cooperates successfully for quite some time with University of Bonn (Rheinischen Friedrich-Wilhelm-Universität zu Bonn) and the Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ). Both have booked a number of reserved places at Pikkolino for their staff.

The employer normally covers 2/3 whereas the parents cover 1/3 of the costs. The company can allocate costs for personnel's children care as operating expenses. Parents can list their costs for childcare in their tax declaration.

Pikkolino provides reserved places to companies for a certain period of time, which have been agreed upon before. In case a child does not need the care anymore, their place is not gone but just passed onto the next interested personnel.


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