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Our Concept

Experience yourself
Between the age of 1 and 6 children face several important developments: they build up trust in this world. They discover their own will and develop - in exchange with others - a conscience, a feeling of right and wrong. They experience themselves as somebody who can act and who can be creative. They test their attachment figure's reliability, follow their strong drive for discovery and their studiousness. They want to grow and become older and independent.

For many of those developments the parents play a crucial role. For some tasks the children need more than their own parents: they also need other children they can look up to and from whom they can learn. An over seeable group of like-minded individuals: where the children feel that they belong to and in which they can compete with others. Children challenge other children in another way than grown-ups do. This is good and this is important. For a child another child is a negotiator concerning his own business who as persevering as himself. Among children your child is not THE child but one among many, it must find its own place within the group and negotiate rules in free play.

Children learn these basic abilities of social cooperation accompanied by the careful help of pedagogical staff. Because at the same time children need attentive adults who are able to cultivate the impulse for learning in the right moment. Somebody who explains and shows, experiments and demonstrates. Somebody who helps to put on the jacket and to hold the pencil. Or somebody who sings a song.

We see our task at Pikkolino as follows: we want to provide your child the best environment for its development and encourage its own impulse for learning.

It is important to us that children at Pikkolino:
  • have a lot of opportunity for free play
  • can rely on us
  • experiment moving in the gym and in the garden
  • learn how they can succeed to solve conflicts by themselves and without violence
  • find friends
  • experience music
  • get introduced to artistic projects: paint, handicraft work, build
  • get to know different profession and worlds (visit to the zoo and fire brigade, scientific experiments, international projects)
  • get in contact with other languages
  • get to know rabbits, guinea pigs and fishes in our petting zoo and aquarium

"Children should play much more than many children do these days. If you play enough while you are still a child, then you carry treasures with you from which you can benefit for the rest of your life. " (Astrid Lindgren 1997)

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